The Contentious Centrist’s blog has this strap:

“Civilization is not self-supporting. It is artificial. If you are not prepared to concern yourself with the upholding of civilization — you are done.” (Ortega y Gasset)

Definitely something to live by, and the reason so many hundreds of people are in Iranian prisons as I write, why others are bleeding and others, dead.

Mehdi Khalaji on Iranians’ fight to wrestle religious authority from the ayatollahs, which will intensify in the coming two months of religious observances.

See Kellie’s links one of which is to Mod’s piece.

Photo-blogger Arash Ashoorinia, scroll down for the permalinks.

Revolutionary and other socialists signal their narrow concerns.

Technology commentators say that blogging doesn’t count – that only street work counts. But it’s not true that moral support is useless. If I were risking my life, it would encourage me to know that writers, even vanishingly minor ones in the bosom of comfort, were noticing. And watching Iranian dissidents is also about our own state of preparedness and our own defences, as Contentious Centrist might agree.

By comparison the mobilisation to purchase Rage Against the Machine depresses me, and not only because it was and remains such a pathetic, futile and nauseatingly macho-puerile pop song.

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